PPG Industries

For 18 months I’ve served as a Customer Relations Coordinator for PPG Industries. PPG is one of regions most renowned companies, and is the largest architectural finishes provider in the world. With a presence across 6 continents, PPG brand paints provide protection and style to homes and industries across the globe.PPG Paints

The past year and a half has taught me a great deal about the paint industry, but also the business-customer relationship, freight logistics, supply chain management, and sales operations, as well as acclimating myself to a fast paced, deadline based world. Customer Relations Coordinators are on the front lines of customer interaction, both with our corporate stores and independent dealers. Working closely with the PPG sales team, customer relations is expected to guide our contacts through all steps of being a PPG customer.

Daily Responsibilities Included:

  • Order Entry
  • Tracking Shipments
  • Processing Customer Credits
  • Monitoring Inventory
  • Scheduling Returns
  • Reporting Inventory Demand
  • Receiving up to 80 calls a day, 50 average
  • Communicating with DCs about special orders
  • Locating Local Stores
  • Handling Customer Complaints
  • Placing 3rd Party Vendor Orders
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