Daredevil Review(Netflix Series)

Publisher: Geeks and Geeklets (Blog)
Publishing Date: 01/30/16

In a world without Ben Affleck, Marvel has teamed up with Netflix to bring us a truly worthy Daredevil series.Daredevil


Charlie Cox stars as Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and crime-fighter by night. Not yet the red tight wearing superhero we see in the movies and cartoons, we join our hero in his development. Going from dark alley to dark alley Murdock beats up bad guys using his superior senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing (mostly hearing). Working his way up the criminal ladder, Murdock takes on the Russian, Japanese, and Chinese mobs, culminating in the Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen, Wilson Fisk(Vincent D’Onofrio).

Review (No Spoilers):

While Daredevil is part of the Marvel Universe, he’s a much different type of hero. Whereas Tony Stark and Captain America are off saving the world, Daredevil is just trying to save a neighborhood. His super senses give him a leg up on his competition, but it’s not like he’s not incapable of taking a good beating, which he does, many times throughout the show. One of the strengths of the show is its gritty nature. Relying on a martial arts parkour blend, the fights are mostly an exhaustive effort in clunky hand-to-hand realism.

While the likes of The Avengers, Spiderman, and the Fantastic Four glorify the life of the hero, Daredevil shows off the dark underbelly of the vigilante crime fighter; lying to your friends, losing the ones you love, and getting beaten half to death. Not quite a superhero as we’ve come to know, Daredevil adds a layer of vulnerability to all its characters, and not just the heroes.

Charlie Cox plays a convincing hero, but it’s the villains that are truly captivating. D’Onofrio’s rage-fueled Fisk connects to his bullied roots, and Toby Leonard Moore’s James Wesley just oozes submissive evil. Foggy Nelson(Elden Henson) is a little too light-hearted to fit in the dark world they’ve created,  but maybe that’s the idea¸ to be a classic good-guy in world of moral ambiguity.

Final Thoughts:

Built for binging, Daredevil is the Batman Begins reboot for the Marvel world. With the exception that bad guys have horrible aim and don’t carry machine guns, it’s a realistic depiction of a hero’s struggle. Setting up my next series, Jessica Jones, and then Luke Cage after that –  I know one thing for sure, my social life is going down the tubes.

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