Senior softball players looks to make last year count

Senior outfielder Maggie Daubenmire

Senior outfielder Maggie Daubenmire

By: Andrew Knauff
Publication: The Marcolian(Student Newspaper)


Maggie Daubenmire makes being a student athlete look easy.

Maggie, a senior Communications major and softball player, is able to maintain a 3.7 grade point average while participating in many extra-curricular activities such as Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Athlete Advisory Committee, McCoy Hall Council, Athletics and Life Peer Educator, as well as doing work-study for The Sports Information Department.

“I’m a very organized person, so I’m able to balance my activities pretty well with athletics…most days,” Daubenmire said.

Daubenmire grew up in Hebron Ohio and took a love to softball at an early age. “I started t-ball when I was five and progressed from that to coach’s pitch, then pitching machine, to slow pitch and finally to fast pitch,” Daubenmire said.

After attending Lakewood High School, Daubenmire decided to play softball at the collegiate level and chose to continue her career academically and athletically at Marietta College, focusing in Communications.

“I feel that communications is the foundation of just about everything and I find studying communications to be exciting, challenging and applicable to life,” Daubenmire said.
Dreaming big, Daubenmire hopes to one day be the host of a travel show.

“It would be such a fun and adventurous career. But if that doesn’t work out, I would be happy to work at a retirement home or a Christian organization where I can make a difference in people’s lives. I know I will have fun whatever I end up doing,” she said.

Since Daubenmire enrolled at Marietta the Women’s softball team has not had a losing record. The past three years the women’s softball team has had a combined record of 86-36.

After starting every game in 2008, she was near the top of the team in several statistics including batting average, slugging percentage, runs scored, runs batted in, triples and stolen bases.

Daubenmire was also named academic All-OAC which she will look to acquire again this season.

Daubenmire attributes her success on and off the field to her faith.

“Because of my faith I am able to deal with the craziness of life, whether that’s balancing class assignments or striking out when the team needed a big hit. It helps me be successful because it gives me hope and joy. Without it I would have gone crazy by now,” Daubenmire said.

With an attitude like that, no one can blame her for being excited for the upcoming spring where Daubenmire and the women’s softball team will look to prove themselves yet again in the Ohio Athletic Conference.

“I understand the importance of the off season but I’m a competitor at heart so I’m very anxious to face the opponents and get the opportunity to play the game I love. As this is my last season I want it to be very memorable. I know I’m blessed to have played for so long but I can’t help but want to ‘go out with a bang’ and finish strong,” she said.


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