Alumni enjoy beautiful weather, old friends during Golden Reunion Weekend

Members of Marietta College's class of 1962

Members of Marietta College’s class of 1962

Marietta College added about 300 new members to The Long Blue Line during the 175th Commencement in May, and the Office of Alumni Relations hopes most of them will return for the 2062 Golden Reunion Weekend.

On Friday through Sunday (June 1-3), approximately 55 alumni and friends returned to campus for the 2012 Golden Reunion.

Reunions like this are the perfect opportunity to meet up with old friends who have long fallen out of touch.

Such was the occasion for four women from the classes of 1961 and 1962. Pat Griffin Smith ’61, Martha Funt Brenner ’62, Nancy Olsen Ross ’62, and Ann Turner ’61 traveled approximately 2,000 miles to see familiar faces.

The four former Alpha Sigma Tau sisters met over dinner and lunch and can’t help but remember what the campus looked like 50 years ago.

“The campus has become so beautiful. I don’t know if students even see it,” Brenner says. “Physically the memory is transformed, but it’s still recognizable.”

The women also remember when they had 9 p.m. curfews, strict dress codes, and could see a movie for 25 cents. The picture they paint is vastly different from the Marietta College of today. Tuition was $400, cigarettes were being given away on campus, letter writing was the best way to keep in touch with parents, and men had to worry about getting drafted into the military.

The alumni were kept busy as they had a packed schedule of events — campus tours, planetarium shows, picnics, reception with the president and a class photo are just a few — through Sunday.

Most of the alumni were housed in Fayerweather Hall to help bring them back to the early 1960s. That was easy for Turner, as she’s stayed in the same room she lived in as a student 50 years ago.

Fifty years later the women are still able to think of bright and vivid memories of their time at Marietta.

“Certainly some of the professors are most memorable, that and meeting people from all over the country,” Brenner says.

Much like their first visit to Marietta, the Golden Reunion once again brought people together from across the country.

“There’s something about a spring spotlight on the 50th Anniversary Reunion that is very, very special and the Class of ’62 and all of our Pioneer alumni proved it again this past weekend,” says Hub Burton, Associate Vice President for Alumni and College Relations. “Undeterred by Friday’s downpours, they were determined to make their visit back to campus a memorable one and they were rewarded with some of the prettiest weather on Saturday we’ve ever experienced. We are very grateful for their time and for their interest in renewing their connection with their alma mater and for their very generous contribution to the class giving program. Our volunteers, Bob ’62 and Apryle Monter, were wonderful to work with and we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back again next year!”

The Class of 1962 also presented Dr. Jean A. Scott with a class gift to the Marietta Fund totaling $22,442.73.

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